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Veterans' Mentor Group, Inc.

Who We Are

Veterans’ Mentor Group, Inc is a group of Veteran Mentors, Veterans, and partners from within our communities who share and understand the unique experience of military service, military life, and the distinctive needs that may arise from that experience. We are brought together with the singular purpose to support the Outagamie County Veteran’s Treatment Court and to fill the gap in resources to make certain that our Veterans gain the assistance they need and have earned.

Veterans’ Mentor Group, Inc has been recognized as a Charitable Organization with the State of WI and have received our Tax Exempt status with the IRS as a 501 c (3).

What We Do

Each of us has experienced personally, known someone or have encountered a Veteran in need and who was unable to be assisted due to their own unique circumstances or was denied due to the provisions of the organization or program. We do not intend to duplicate the existing services provided by Local, State, Federal or National organizations or programs. There are many programs, groups and supportive elements within reach to apply to. Our intent is to ensure the Veteran is aware of and has applied to these resources. If they are denied assistance, we will work to assist as best we can and within reason, to alleviate the specific issues.

We will actively and strategically partner with other entities within our communities to ensure we do not duplicate services. We will support each by utilizing all resources as a first step. We will actively seek out and partner with State and Federal organizations and Agencies to ensure we are utilizing all resources and tools at our disposal.

Areas of need for our Veterans go beyond the basic needs. Socialization, reintegration back to their community and becoming involved in activities that are positive and have an impact on their well-being as well as supportive elements not able to be gleaned through other means and resources, are some areas we find are needed.

The ultimate objective is to introduce our Veterans to resources they may not know were in existence, provide them a means to become self-sustaining, allow them to become a productive member of society as best they can and to develop a lasting set of skills that will be of use to them for their lifetime. We are helping Veterans get back to where they want and need to be.

In support of our partner, Riverview Gardens, our mentors and participants have collected more than 6,600 pounds of donated produce from the Farmer’s Market vendors for the Shared Harvest program since June 27, 2015. This produce is then transported to the Freedom House Food Pantry to be disbursed to those in need within our community.


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