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The Carrot Project Corp

Who We Are

We are a nonprofit center focused on advancing opportunities for children and youth within our community through educational experiences. We feel that children are in need of collaborative resources in order to achieve the most out of their education.  We are dedicated to finding ways to help our children learn through traditional and non-traditional classrooms. Our underlining philosophy is a shared commitment that includes parents, educators and the community.  By embracing the qualities of all involved we will provide the most comprehensive and supportive environment needed to produce successful, happy, grounded members of our society. 
The main principles to The Carrot Project are as follows:  (1). We are all learners with unique ways of comprehension. (2) Learning structures need flexibility and a variety of resources to maintain quality.  (3). Teaching never stops evolving. (4) Positivity and creativity are essential to success. (5). Empowering the learner to take ownership of successes and failures allows for a greater sense of appreciation of their journey. 

What We Do

We are committed to our community.  We work with other nonprofits to maximize our impact.  We believe that children are our most precious resource and protecting their future is our goal.  We see our purpose to our community as bridging the gaps.  We not only work on the education and learning approaches for youth but we help support them outside the classroom.  We provide basic need supplies, mentoring, general support and guidance.   A list of our activities are:  art classes, computer classes, music instruction, JA (Junior Achievement) classes, reading/writing instruction, science investigation, yoga, and more to come.  If you are interested in supporting our future needs here are a list of our growing and expanding needs:  laptops (for youth donations), printers, school supplies, stamps, Kleenex, subway gift cards, back packs, gloves/hats, snow pants, boots, hygiene products, flash drives, art supplies, Music instruments, sheet music, gift certificates to Heid's music, IPads, chromebooks, children's books, paper products, computers/monitors, Games, LEGOS,  (2) 32" inch flat screen tv, Monetary donations always welcomed. ****We are also in need of window repair/replacement and carpeting.